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The team at LTS has all sorts of experience with L&D initiatives and we find it helpful to have a very simple list of steps to go through.

LTS Instructional Designers have years of experience designing Instructor Led Training be it classroom or virtual.

Covid-19 has severely hit the entire world and has drastically impacted multiple work processes and functions. At LTS, we enable L&D organizations to create interactive, engaging courses and learning materials that deliver long-lasting benefits.

The end of Flash has been talked about for years. Most L&D organizations have already taken care of the conversion process within the last 3 years. LTS offer content Assessment and Flash Conversion services, or we can supplement your L&D team to temporarily assist your own Flash conversion projects.

Accessible eLearning is a subject that every L&D organization will need to address. In 2019, there were 2,256 ADA website-accessibility lawsuits filed in the nation’s federal courts (New York Law Journal – May 6, 2020). At LTS, we are a full-service staffing agency focused solely on supporting corporate L&D teams. Learning is all we do, and we do, and we do it very well.

Covid-19 has made it very hard, if not impossible, for companies to host Instructor Led Training event as they had in the past.LTS has significant experience converting and repurposing instructor Led Training into Virtual/Digital formats.

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