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Tech Writers Drive Tool Effectiveness and User Engagement

The Challenge

The Data Analytics arm of a Fortune 50 company engaged LTS to provide Technical Writers to supplement existing Agile teams. One of the Agile team’s that needed Technical Writing help was a complex Marketing Metrics Tool, that showed users what the impact was to a change in the marketing plan (price, product offerings, volume etc.). The client was wanting customer data driven marketing decisions. This tool displayed multiple real time data points on a dashboard. It was critical that the users understood the breadth and depth of all of the metrics they were seeing on the software dashboard. The volume of data was overwhelming and without a thorough understand of each of the metrics it would be hard for the Marketing team to make data driven decisions.

The Solution:

The LTS consultant used a new Tech Writing Software application that would become a part of the Marketing Metrics Tool could edit, insert, and manage “tooltips” in almost real-time, cutting the tooltip creation time from a few days to a few minutes. With this “tooltip” software solution, changes can now be made to the content and placement of tooltips almost immediately, allowing for a more fluid response to an ever-changing metrics layout. This software also provided user analytics for the tooltips, something not available with the previous tooltip setup.

The Results:

With the combination of almost instantaneous editing and user analytics tied to the tooltips, the solution I found through the third-party software was embraced not only by the developers but by the business side of the program. Now, these tooltips are utilized program-wide as the standard for tooltip creation and display.