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Repurposing ILT to Virtual ILT (vILT)

The Client Challenge

When the COVID-19 Pandemic struck the world in March of 2020, no organization was prepared for what the state of training would look like for the foreseeable future.   A Fortune 500 company presented LTS with the challenge of repurposing a mission critical live instructor led training course into a digital format that could be deployed to 25,000 employees in a short timeframe. The ILT content had been finalized and a team of US based instructors was ready to deliver the training globally starting in June 2020. However the global travel restrictions made this impossible, not to mention the serious health risk to employees being in a corporate training room.

The LTS Solution

LTS began by revising the course objectives and analyzing the course to identify what content could be effectively taught as on demand eLearning, and which elements were best suited for live delivery by an instructor. LTS converted the knowledge based content into an eLearning course using Storyline 360. The skill based ILT content and course activities were designed into an interactive virtual format utilizing, Whiteboards, Break-Out Rooms and Chat. The client had an Enterprise Webex license so we designed activities utilizing the interactive features of that platform. LTS utilized the client’s LMS to deploy the various course components as one Learning Path, where the eLearning course was a pre-requisite for the live vILT session.

Due to the criticality of this role out and the importance that attendees mastered the content, LTS recommended that a Producer would manage every session, supporting the Instructor. LTS developed Producer roles and responsibilities and trained a cadre of client coordinators to play the Producer role for the course roll-out.  The Producer assisted the facilitator by fielding questions through chat, assuring the technology is working, placing attendees into break out rooms, and any other task that allows the facilitator to concentrate on presenting their content.

The Results

After a month of planning, designing and development, two full months of training was successfully launched and deployed to 25,000 employees without fail.  Team members felt the interface and training was very user friendly and easy to understand.  The adoption rate for this initiative was over 95% with more training being designed using this model for most training moving forward until the state of training returns to the new normal.  The client appreciated the role of the LTS Instructional Design Lead so much that they extended a Full Time offer to work for them. LTS has a no fee, no strings contract to hire option for ALL of our temporary contract consultants.