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Crush Your eLearning ID Interview

Your resume and connections were enough to land you an interview for a great eLearning Instructional Design role. Now you need to stand out from the competition and show the hiring manager that you are ready to hit the ground running. The following tips are based on numerous interviews our candidates have been through, and from hiring manager’s feedback on why some candidates were rejected and why some were hired on the spot!


Portfolio, Portfolio, Portfolio!

Having a Portfolio of your eLearning work for hiring managers to review, is absolutely essential to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. We recognize that due to client confidentiality issues you will not be able to show everything you have developed. However, you need to make it a priority to get permission from clients to show parts of a course you have worked on. Maybe an introductory module or section of the course without proprietary information.

If you are unable to get permission, invest some time to create a short eLearning module that you can then always use in your portfolio. We often advise our candidates to create an interactive eLearning course about themselves. While the hiring manager is viewing your eLearning skills they are also learning about you (two birds with one stone).


Be prepared with previous project scenarios

Before the interview think back on previous ID projects you have worked on and write down examples of the challenges you encountered and how you overcame them. We recommend having examples of the following scenarios:

  • working with difficult SMEs (gaining their respect without sacrificing instructional integrity)
  • pushing back on information overload (keeping focus on need to know vs. nice to know)
  • managing scope/project creep (interfacing with PMs and L&D leaders as appropriate)


Demand information from your recruiter and do your research!

Make sure during your discussions with your Recruiter that they provide you with the information you need to be best prepared for the interview. You have every right to ask for insights and data about the client organization, the dynamics of the L&D team, work environment, and as much information on the ID project itself. At a minimum you should know who will be on the interview and what the company does. We highly recommend reviewing the interviewers LinkedIn profile(s) and requesting a connection. Don’t forget to add a note stating how you are looking forward to your interview on X date.


Finally, don’t forget the standard interviewing best practices.

  • Practice before the interview. Ask a trusted colleague or better still use your recruiter who can probably best represent what the hiring manager wants.
  • Listen to your interviewer – don’t just wait to make your next point.
  • Follow Up with Your Interviewer – Send a short email to thank the interviewer for their time following your meeting.


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