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Are You Ready for Diversity and Inclusion Training?

Diversity and inclusion training is quickly becoming a must-have for L&D organizations. If you develop an effective training program for diversity and inclusion, you can foster positive, respectful interactions across your workplace. Plus, your program can help your organization stand out from the crowd — and help it become a magnet for top talent.   

What Is Diversity and Inclusion Training?  

Diversity and inclusion training promotes workplace equality. For L&D organizations, the training encourages staff members to treat one another with respect and dignity. In doing so, the training empowers all personnel to value the contributions of one another, which can lead to unprecedented results.   

Creating an effective training program can be difficult, particularly for an L&D organization with limited time and resources at its disposal. But, with the proper approach, your organization can establish and maintain a training program that hits the mark with learners.   

Tips to Establish a Successful Diversity and Inclusion Training Program  

There is no set formula that L&D organizations can use to establish diversity and inclusion training programs. However, there are several things you can do to create a diversity and inclusion training program that you can consistently improve, such as:  

  1. Learn As Much As Possible About Diversity and Inclusion Training  

Diversity and inclusion often have different meanings to different people. Yet, with a clear understanding of these terms, you can develop a training program that helps you achieve your intended results.   

Define diversity and inclusion and the issues associated with them that you want to address in your training program. Diversity and inclusion training can often be used to teach workers about unconscious biases, cross-cultural communications, and similar topics.   

Once you determine what you want to include in your diversity and inclusion training program, include your staff in your program’s development. Collect feedback from your team and use it to ensure appropriate topics are addressed in your program.   

  1. Use a Combination of Learning Techniques 

Much in the same way, there is no set formula for diversity and inclusion training, there is no surefire way that your team retains knowledge. So, you should incorporate a wide range of learning techniques into your training program. This ensures staff members can learn in a variety of ways and discover how to apply their new knowledge to real world situations.   

You can use classroom exercises and discussions as part of your diversity and inclusion training program. Also, you can leverage webinars and online learning tools. Don’t hesitate to explore gamification and other state-of-the-art learning technologies as well.   

  1. Include All Workers in Your Training Program 

Require all staff members to complete your diversity and inclusion training program. Regardless of skill or experience level, every worker can benefit from the program.   

Continue to explore ways to enhance your diversity and inclusion training program, too. Keep your program up to date and require employees to complete it periodically. That way, you can build and maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce.   

Create an Effective Diversity and Inclusion Training Program  

If your L&D organization is ready to launch a diversity and inclusion training program, partner with LTS. We can help you develop an effective training program that delivers long-lasting benefits. To learn more, please contact us today.    


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