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LTS’s Instructional Design Service: What You Need to Know

At LTS, instructional design is what we do. Our instructional design service helps L&D organizations level up their operations. To understand why, let’s answer key questions about our service.   

What Is Instructional Design?  

Instructional design involves designing and developing content, experiences, and other solutions that promote the acquisition of new skills or knowledge. It is based on assessing the needs of learners and designing processes to accommodate them. Instructional design also involves creating learning materials and evaluating their effectiveness.   

How Do L&D Organizations Use LTS’s Instructional Design Service?  

LTS’s instructional design service simplifies the implementation of an effective training program. We help L&D organizations evaluate myriad instructional design solutions and choose the right ones to accommodate their training program needs.   

In addition, we help L&D organizations connect with qualified instructional designers. We have built an extensive network of instructional designers and continue to expand it every day. Our network empowers us with exceptional instructional designers who deliver valuable contributions to top L&D organizations.   

Why Do L&D Organizations Choose LTS for Instructional Design Support?  

Many instructional design staffing agencies are available, but there’s only one LTS. We take the guesswork out of instructional design and are here to support L&D organizations in any way we can.   

We possess over three decades of L&D experience and have been providing consistently great services since our inception. Our team continues to explore ways to deliver outstanding instructional design support to L&D organizations. As such, L&D organizations frequently choose our instructional design service to get the best results out of their training programs.   

Pursue Instructional Design Career Opportunities with Help from LTS  

You may find instructional design staffing agencies that offer instructional design assistance, but none can match what’s provided by LTS’s instructional design service. When you work with us, you can connect with L&D organizations like never before.    

By partnering with LTS, those who want to explore instructional design career opportunities can enjoy a wide range of benefits, such as:  

  • Temporary and Permanent Job Opportunities: We offer contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent instructional designer roles with L&D organizations. In doing so, we make it easy to identify an instructional designer vacancy that aligns with your requirements.   
  • Extensive Network: We partner with leading L&D organizations, so you can explore roles at top organizations. Furthermore, we can keep you up to date about new instructional designer roles as soon as they become available, help you grow your professional network, and move closer to achieving your career goals.   
  • Consultative Support: We are here to offer tips, recommendations, and guidance as you pursue instructional designer career opportunities. Our staffing professionals can respond to your concerns and questions regarding instructional designer jobs. Plus, we keep you up to date about any instructional designer jobs where you may be a good fit.   

For those who are interested in pursuing instructional design jobs at L&D organizations, we encourage you to reach out to us. With our support, you can take the next step forward in your L&D career. For more information about how we bridge the gap between L&D organizations and instructional designers, please contact us today.   


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