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Reskilling Your Workforce in 2021

Your organization made progress as it “slogged” through 2020, and it hopes to carry momentum into the new year. The key for L&D teams to drive organizations forward in the new year, will be to reskill your workforce.   

L&D staffing agencies offer the skills and experience necessary to help your organization take its workforce to the next level. In fact, a specialized staffing firm can not only help your organization design and build a plan to reskill the workforcebut it can also offer flexibility to execute these plans.through contract or contract to hire options. 

Why Partnering with an L&D Staffing Agency Is Key  

A staffing firm specializing in L&D can help your organization identify and address myriad challenges commonly associated with reskilling a workforce, such as:  

  1. Performance Mapping 

Your organization needs its workforce to quickly adjust to the Post Pandemic ways of working and Post Recession recovery strategyinstrategy in 2021. Performance Mapping can help  you analyze your workforce’s strengths and weaknesses and make a plan to transform any weaknesses into strengths.   

With performance mapping, your organization can establish reskilling initiatives that align with your short- and long-term goals. Performance mapping helps you determine which skills your workers possess and which ones they will need to thrive. You can then use this mapping to strengthen your workforce and ensure all employees are well-equipped to contribute to your organization’s success.   

  1. Lack of Technical Skills 

Technical skills can be difficult to develop, but they are critical for organizations that want to accomplish optimal results on a consistent basisWhen workers possess the appropriate technical expertise, they can help accelerate execution of organizational objectivesFinally, skilled workers help your organization optimize the value of available tools and resources.   

By leveraging a  staffing agency, you can immediately add qualified  technical expertise to fill key organizational rolesLikewise you can add experienced L&D talent to temporarily supplement your organization’s L&D team. This way the L&D team will have the capacity and capability to re-skill existing workers throughout the organization, without having to make new hires.  With these newly acquired skills  these existing professionals can provide meaningful contributions across your organization.   

  1. Training Delivery 

Your organization’s training strategy may need some work, particularly if you fail to offer periodic courses and assessments to workers. Fortunately,  L&D staffing firms can help you improve your training delivery and ensure that you can consistently teach workers how to perform various tasks to the best of their ability.   

Experienced L&D staffing firm can help you integrate mobile learning, microlearning, and other unique learning programs into your training strategy. These programs can make it easy for workers to enhance their skill sets continuously. That way, your workers can stay up to date on training and seamlessly access the educational tools and resources they need, any time they choose.   

Tackle the Challenges of Reskilling Your Workforce  

At LTS, we understand the challenges of reskilling a workforce, and we help L&D organizations alleviate these issues. Our instructional design experts can help you develop and implement training programs designed to help you reskill your workforce without delay. To find out more, please contact us today.   


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