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5 Reasons to Hire a Contract Instructional Designer

You need an instructional designer (ID)  and you’ll consider any candidate who can provide meaningful contributions to your team. As such, you may want to hire a contract ID who can help your team accomplish its short-term goals. 

Here are five reasons to hire a contract ID.  


1.) Immediate Results

An experienced contract ID is ready to contribute on day oneWhen you hire a contract ID, all HR onboarding tasks that typically dominate the first week for new hire employees are conducted by training company prior to starting with client. In addition, the training company will have on-boarded the consultant based on the client‘s industry, project goals, and team dynamics and ensured that the consultant has demonstrated expertise with the client’s chosen learning technologies. 


2.) Industry Expertise

A trusted training partner will often present a consultant that has experience working in the client’s industry, and in some cases, on similar projects. This reduces ramp-up time and allows you to add a contract ID who knows how to partner with subject matter experts (SMEs). Usually, SMEs have limited time and availability to work on L&D projects. However, having an ID who is familiar with the world of SMEs and is efficient in their interactions will create a positive and productive relationship. This is a huge plus for your L&D organization and bodes well for future endeavors. 


3.) Project Experience

Obviously, having a consultant with client industry experience is important. But, a consultant who has also worked on similar projects in multiple client and industry environments has “lessons learned” that he or she can apply to their current project. Sometimes, an outside perspective or different approach can help remove a roadblock or solve a project dilemma, too. 


4.) Knowledge Transfer

Experienced IDs contribute to your L&D team by executing your project deliverables. Yet, many contract consultants contribute to the corporate L&D team after the project has finished, and the consultant has left. Key consultant deliverables often become templates for the team to adopt on future projects. Consultants also coach and advise team members as instructional design has become increasingly collaborative. 


5.) CostEffective and a FT HireOption (#BestOfBothWorlds) 

Contract resources make sense when demand from a business exceeds the FTE capacity of the L&D team. The business gets the project delivered on timeand the L&D team does not have to scramble to assign work to the additional FTE for the remainder of the year. L&D leaders base their FTE headcount on median demand throughout the year and NOT on peak demand (which is often only two to four months of the year). 


Partner with a Leading Staffing Agency to Help You Identify Quality Contract IDs

At LTS, we can help you discover the right candidate for your ID role. L&D is all we do, and we do it well. Also, we have walked in your shoes and have tremendous L&D insight and knowledge. To learn more, please contact us today.   


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