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How Contract-to-Hire Can Be a Great Recovery Strategy

Your L&D organization may have taken a hit as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But, a great recovery strategy is available: adding contract-to-hire employees.  

There are many reasons why L&D organizations choose contract-to-hire, including: 

You Can See If There Is a Good Fit for Both Sides

Contract-to-hire roles let you find out if an employee is a good long-term fit for your organization. At first, you can learn about an employee and their ability to mesh with your team. Meanwhile, the employee can determine if he or she is comfortable with your organization and a particular role.  

If an employee is a good fit for your organization, you can offer him or her a permanent role at the completion of their contract. On the other hand, if an employee does not complement your organization, your organization and this work can go their separate ways after the contract is finished. 

You Won’t Have to Break Your Budget 

Finances may be tight, particularly as your organization continues to rebound during the pandemic. Thanks to a contract-to-hire strategy, your organization can add quality professionals without having to worry about many of the costs associated with full-time personnel.  

Typically, contract-to-hire employees are short-term additions, so your organization won’t necessarily need to account for them into the next year. You can also add contract-to-hire workers without providing health and retirement benefits commonly given to permanent employees.  

You Can Keep Pace with Increasing Organizational Demands

Your organization may be ramping up once again after a lull during the pandemic. As your organization gradually returns to its normal levels, it can add contract-to-hire workers who can help it keep pace with demands across all departments.  

Contract-to-hire workers can be added at times when your organization needs them. So, if your organization finds these workers will be required in the months after their contracts expire, you can add them as full-time employees.  

You Can Identify Growth and Improvement Areas

Your organization is constantly looking for ways to grow and improve. With contract-to-hire employees, you can gain fresh insights into everyday processes, procedures, and systems. These employees can even help you organization find ways to get better, so it can quickly grow and improve its daily operations.  

Contract-to-hire workers may have comprehensive L&D experience, too. As such, these employees can deliver meaningful contributions across your organization and help your organization achieve its immediate and long-term goals.  

You Can Quickly Add Talent

The process to hire contract-to-hire workers tends to be much faster than the process associated with adding permanent employees. Thus, if your organization needs immediate help, contract-to-hire may be the best way to go.  

Keep in mind that contract-to-hire workers can offer specialized skills. Although these workers may be temporary hires, they can provide support in a variety of areas.  

Want Contract-to-Hire Workers to Fill Roles Across Your L&D Organization? LTS Can Help 

At LTS, we help L&D organizations identify and attract contract-to-hire employees to fill a wide range of roles. To learn more, please contact us today 

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