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Remote Work Tips: How to Stay Productive, All Day, Every Day, from Any Location

Remember the days when each of us went into an office to work? The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led many companies to let employees work from home. It has also changed the game for veteran remote workers, due to the fact that more employees than ever before have transitioned to part- or full-time roles outside the office.  

Regardless of whether you’re a novice or veteran remote employee, you need to master the art of working remotely. That way, you can maximize your productivity  all day, every day, from any location.  

Be Transparent  

When it comes to remote work productivity, it pays to be transparent. Let your superiors and coworkers know your daily work schedule and the best ways to reach you throughout the day. You can even keep a summary of what you’re doing throughout the day, so your team knows you’re doing your part to do your job.  

The benefits of being transparent can be significant for both you and your employer. First, being transparent about your schedule can help your superiors and coworkers to get in touch with you at times you’re available, which means you won’t have to worry about meeting requests at times you’re unavailable. At the same time, being transparent about your day-to-day activities lets your team know your progress on different tasks and projects, so your superiors and coworkers can reach out to you if there’s room on your plate to complete additional work.  

Perhaps best of all, transparency lets you be the best version of yourself at work. Since you’re already working from home, you can complete everyday tasks without stressing about your coworkers or superiors wondering if you’re actually doing your job. Plus, you can show your team you’re doing everything possible to be productive and efficient while you work remotely. 

Stay Informed 

Meetings are exceedingly important when you work remotely  and you need to make the most of them. So, any time a phone or video call is set up, take time to prepare for the meeting. This allows you to put together a list of questions and concerns you want to discuss during the meeting and share them once the meeting commences.  

Don’t hesitate to reach out to coworkers and superiors for support at any point, either. Working remotely may make you feel alone at times, but you need to stay informed, so you can remain productive. Thus, any time you have questions or concerns, send an email, make a phone call, open a Slack conversation, or do what it takes to get in touch with the right person within your organization.  

Optimize Your Schedule  

Every day may seem exactly the same, and the monotony of working from home can sometimes replicate the monotony of working in an office. Yet, this can cause you to become complacent if you’re not careful, so you need to correct this issue before it hampers your productivity. 

 Evaluate your schedule regularly, and ensure there is a good mix of work time and breaks. Even though you’re working remotely, you still need to take time to stretch, enjoy lunch, grab coffee, and do other things to take care of yourself. Rather than try to schedule as much as possible in a given work day, make time for yourself. Because, doing so could help you take your productivity to new heights.   

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